I am swept off my feet, busy in the work of love, love-making.  Not sex, sex in its delights, sex in its love-giving, love-expressing, carnal and explosive, but the creation of love, a love space.  I am love-making, making a room, a space in my heart, to love another, revealing my inner being, my self, raw and vulnerable.  I am still, letting, seen, offering a gift, an invitation to enter my sacred space, to sit together in this space and see the world with a new light.

I look at this man, seeing his very core, learning, knowing and cherishing.  I explore his sacred space with tenderness, kindness, as a fragile vessel of splendor.  Here, together, in our scared spaces, in silent conversation, in unspoken dialogue. we say, “I see you and you are beautiful to me.”

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