For Kevin

How many times have I spoken to you,

Asked for you, cried for you,

Wondered if I would ever meet you.

Convincing myself content with alone,

Saying goodbye to my happily ever after.

And now you are here, with me,

A love I have never known.

Our breath one breath,

Our skin one skin,

Our hearts one heart.

No beginning, no end, just one.

Only minutes apart and my body aches,

Only minutes apart and my lips search,

Only minutes apart and my heart feels torn from its home.

Now with you,

I no longer speak to you in secret,

I no longer wonder where you are,

I no longer hope for a happily ever after,

For I am sure it is here.

In Your Breath

Flesh to flesh, soul to soul

Every little touch

Ignites a spark

Sets my nerves on fire.


Lying here next to you

Lips slightly parted

Sharing your breath

A paragraph escapes in a sigh


Sighs that say

You are the world to me

Sighs that say

We are one, body and soul

Sighs that say

My heart beats because of you


With each sigh

New promises made

With each sigh

New passions unleashed

With each sigh

New love grows


I need you like I need to breathe

One simple, single breath that says

I love you.



Disappointment drips off walls

In the cavern my soul once lived

Pushing, I search the dark

For Solace, Light, Reprieve

Stumbling, my will

Struggles, Flickers, Dies

Crawling, pulling

Over boulders of failed love

Straining, the wind crushes me

Messages of worthlessness

Traveling, black icy waters

Lick my feet

Slowly, silently, I slip

Returning to the earth

Without a goodby

Without a whimper

Without notice.


If we were having coffee- Morning

If we were having coffee, last night’s confessions spinning in our hearts, empty wine glasses on the floor, fire embers smoldering,

If we were having coffee, morning sleep in our eyes, sun streaming through blinds, bird song in the distance,

If we were having coffee, snug in our pajamas, dog curled in your lap, kitten threading my legs as I pour,

If we were having coffee, you here with me, in this very place, I would tell you, for you, I am grateful, and I would tell you I love you.



My heart cries out

Echoing through the canyons

Seeking, beseeching, frantic and wild

My heart cries out

Echoing through the canyons

Searching, whirling, high and low

My heart cries out

Echoing through the canyons

Unsoothed by the caresses of wind

Unsoothed by the bold scent of pinon

My heart cries out

Echoing through the canyons

Until it is a soft whisper, hoarse and raw

Carried on the wings of a red-tailed hawk

My heart cries out

“Please, please, love me!”